This is your wedding day.

Your nervousness mixed in with pure excitement. Your family and friends are here to support you on this-once-in-a-lifetime day. You can't wait to be standing in front of your husband/wife sharing this incredible experience, together. These are your memories. You've walked up the aisle and now your pastor/officiant tells you to turn towards your loved ones. At this point, you briefly see me behind my camera, photographing this extraordinary day. You know you've made the right choice in having me be your invisible photographer, documenting your memories, the emotion between you and your loved ones. You know my creative vision and who I am to photograph it perfectly. 

I have an intimate and personal understanding of the wedding process (photographed over 150 weddings!) and I deeply value marriage.  

Heidi Huber Photographer

Relationships are the most critical aspect to my artwork. I am more likely to become friends with my couples than to simply have a one-time business exchange.

The subtle moments, the in-your-face raw moments, the unexpected perspectives, and the unique personalities of each couple with your loved ones is my goal to photograph for you to remember. 

Working for newspapers provided me an immeasurable amount of experience. Photographing everything in one day from portraits, to sports, to spot news, to lifestyle food portraiture. I discovered I thoroughly enjoy photographing people and their relationships with each other. My goal is always creating the story that shows the story of a relationship.


Links to my newspaper photojournalism are here and here. In 2008, I was called to the mountains. (Did I mention my name is Heidi?) Photographing an amazing couple at an amazing location on Lake Tahoe's west shore, documentary Lake Tahoe wedding photography found me. The stars aligned. I knew without a doubt in my heart, in my being, this was where "home" is for me. This is how I'm to supposed to photograph weddings. 

I love every moment, invisibly photographing the subtle and seen emotion, glances, the love for those who trust me and more importantly, feel the authenticity in my Lake Tahoe photography art as I do.